All our cats are PKD negative
tested with genetic testing
....My name is Marenco Marcella and with my husband Massimo I'm the owner of a small collector cattery named ONE o ONE.
....We live in Italy, in Finale Ligure, in an old-aged house encicled by a big garden with a wide variety of roses and sub tropical plants that grow thanks to the mild seaside climate.



One-o-One cattery "il poggetto"

One-o-One cattery "la veranda"
.... We started to breed cats in 1986 and our first specimens were silver shaded either Persian and Exotic short hair. They won success culminated in the season 1999/2000 when our female cat GR CH BW DW (CFA) Wyngate Miss Ann of Brumar (Bruno Picasso - Marcella Marenco) was the first cat resident in Europe that for the first time in CFA history obtained the title of National Best Division (best of breed in the world) as well as 4° best of breeds in the International Best Division.
.... In the year 2000 we bought Argentovivo Paolina Borghese and our passion for the Exotic cats rose as much as possible so we decided to continue our breeding program directing our efforts towords this wonderful breed to.
.... In the 2003 we had the good luck to introduce in our breeding program the prestigious line Babushka (breeder by G.N. Mussi). Our Babushka Nicole has been 4░ best kitten in season 2003/2004 and 1░ tabby of International Division.
.... This year we have some goods kittens and we are very happy but only future judgment will confirmed our opinion.
.... Much thanks to : Evelyne Farhi, Paolo Carnevaletti, dott. Riccardo Pampararo and Massimo Rebonato ("my mentor!!!") for their friendship and their support during the years.
.... I owe a special thanks you to my mother who teached me to love cats.